29 Mar 2017

Car Park & Vacation Care

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Dear Parents,

Car Park –

On Behalf of the Ryde East OSHC Committee, I would like to inform all Ryde East OSHC Parents that they can use the Badajoz Street school car park ONLY before 8 am and after 4 pm. Parents are not allowed to park their car in front of the boom gate at any time particularly after 8am or before 4pm. Teachers trying to enter or leave the car park get blocked when parents park their car in front of the boom gate. The drive ways of neighbouring properties should not be blocked as well.

Non-compliance of these instructions from the school office regarding the use of school car park between these times & parking in front of boom gate, will lead to all parents being denied total access to Badajoz street car park.

Due to the fault & negligence of few parents, other parents who has being doing the right thing should not be penalised. We are looking forward to your cooperation on this matter.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Vacation Care-

This Friday 31st March is the last day to book your children in Vacation Care.

From 1st April, parents can still book their children in for Vacation Care but will be charged $10 for each child per day.


Kind regards,

Parthi Trivedi


Ryde East OHSC

Phone: 98783773

Email: rydeeastoshc@optusnet.com.au

Website: http://www.rydeeastoshc.com.au

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